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Angel Cards

One can work out spreads in reading Angel cards. There are many types of spreads available for interpretation use. Nonetheless among the card spreads, the popular ones are Three Card Spread and Six Card Spread.

Three Card Spread

The three card spread is a simple way in layouting your cards. You layout three cards in one line. The first card represents your past, the middle card represent your present and the third card represents your future. With the interpreter having the knowledge of efficient interpretation of cards, you may know how the past may affect your future. The present card may also provide you insights that can help in dealing with your current problems. Lastly, the third card deals that deals with your future may provide you ideas and things that may help you in knowing potential problems. In this way, you can initially solve those problems in today’s time. This will help you in having a smooth future ahead of you.

Six Card Spread

The six card spread uses the same way of layouting. However, there is a second row of three cards. The first card still represents your past, the middle represents you present and the third one represents your future. The next row of cards may be used to expand the reading of your first column cards. The second row is placed alongside with the first. The second row can expand the first row of cards in a way such as being the reason of why the first row happened. For example, the first row past card can be explained by the second row  past card by providing you with messages related to the prior event before the first row past card.

Angel Cards: Questions

Most people are focused on love, money and career. Using the angel cards would greatly provide you with knowledge you are curious of. Like tarot cards, the angel cards provide messages that the reader should interpret. It is best to use spreads. With this the answer is said to be already on hand. You may ask as many queries but as what everyone knows, not all questions are meant to be answered. You can also conceptualize your own spreads. In this way, you can personalize your readings that is beneficial to your part. Also, cards in the shape of a heart, for example, can be used in answering some questions with regards to love. The shapes may determine the specific topic you are dealing with.

Angel Cards: Reading

Lastly, follow your instincts. You must deal with the angel cards with all knowledge. If you pick a card which signifies love, for example, you must know what kind of love this means. If your instinct tells you that it you need to reciprocate the love of someone who likes you, then do so. There are many interpretations and it will always depend on the person interpreting. You should not worry about getting things in the wrong way. Every reading is distinct and should be dealt with properly. Thus, you should weigh every option that the angel cards offer you.