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Clairvoyance ESP

ESP stands for extra sensory perception. While clairvoyance, or seeing clearly is primarily an optical phenomenon wherein the psychic sees visions and images with his eyes open, in the case of ESP Clairvoyance, the visual experience is also aided by the perception through other subtle senses such as intuition, empathy, telepathy, and so on.

The extra sensory perception may also include:

The situation is more like a doctor feeling the pulse of a patient. While he may be try to count the pulse rate, its heaviness or lightness through his hands, he may be simultaneously using his intuition to analyze the implications of the quality of the pulse beat leading to the root cause of the malady and also its remedy through the touch of his hands. Similarly, while you may be hearing a kind of sound or noise through your ears, the psychic may be hearing much more and beyond the physical sounds. She may sense the origin of the sound, its peculiar quality and also its causes.

For example, while you may hear only the sounds, the psychic may hear the elements of fear, the strangeness, and the ecstasy that may qualify the sound. A sound may appear to be what it is because the person who is producing it may be haunted by some ghost at that time.

Another example of the ESP clairvoyance can be given in case of EVP analysis in the laboratory. While a layperson may only hear the gibberish, the psychic makes sense out of the jumble of strange words by organizing them into intelligible human language. Still, another example involves the understanding the code language that is used to send the secret messages. 

There may be certain situations, where the sounds or the messages may have no code and pattern at all. The psychic with her ESP Clairvoyant tools like:

can discern, analyze and organize the visions, images, sounds, feelings into an intelligible pattern and interpret them for the benefit of her clients.

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