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Colin Fry is one of the best known figures in the world of paranormal and psychics who could prove that this supernatural realm truly exists. He was born on the 19th of May 1962. He is an English entertainer and television personality who is also known as a psychic medium. Just like any other well-known psychics before him, he also dealt with critics and sceptics who claimed that his technique is just cold reading and that he has no paranormal powers. Nevertheless, he has made enormous contribution to the supernatural realm and was even tagged “The People’s Medium.”

He has worked and became a prominent spiritualist medium and is currently aiming to become a spiritualist minister. He spent 34 years being a psychic tutor as well as registered healer owing to his psychic and intuitive gifts. More than just helping people through gaining psychic knowledge, Colin also became an influential figure. He has a number of successful and popular television series including Colin Fry Live, Sixth Sense with Colin Fry and Psychic Private Eyes. His television appearances became widespread as he launched other television series in Norway and in New Zealand which is entitled “The Happy Medium.”

There are still innumerable international tours and appearances scheduled for this renowned psychic medium. He is currently touring different countries to share his psychic gifts and abilities. His destinations include Australia, Spain, Ireland, Norway, Japan, New Zealand, Finland and many other countries in Europe and the UK.

Colin Fry is a reputable medium who insists that prior to meeting his audiences or clients, no information must be supplied or given him. Hence, his audiences are not allowed to write him, provide photographs or any other sources of information. His impressive and fascinating works prove how psychics truly work in authenticity and as guides to clients.