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Palmistry Diagram of Hand


The presence or the absence of mounts under the fingers plays a significant role in shaping the destiny of a person. The mounts are basically related to the planets, which exercise their influence on the nature and personality of their subjects. This is the reason that Astrology is based upon the positions of the stars and planets at the time a person is born. Each planet has its own traits that are imbibed by the person born under its influence.

The more prominent is the presence of a particular mount, the more influence it exerts on the nature and personality of the person.

The mount of Apollo is found below the third or the ring finger. If this finger is longer than the index finger, the person has an artistic and creative nature. Sometime its length is equal to the middle finger. In that case the person is usually a good actor and a musician. Such people are also good craftsmen. They are experts in tailoring, embroidery, gardening, pottery, cooking and similar art and craft jobs.

The drawbacks of Apollo people usually are that they are not practical and shrewd in many matters. They easily give up their pursuit of money.

In case the Apollo finger is longer than the Jupiter or the index finger, the person generally is diffident because of his low self-esteem. He generally looks upon others for moral and material support.

Mount of Apollo also helps its subject in setting up his business and home in an artistic and creative manner.

An average length Apollo finger indicates that the person has a high self-esteem and loves to help others, though not to the extent of being sacrificial. Such people, though artistic in nature, are practical, ambitious, balanced and worldly wise.

If the Apollo finger is short, the person may be dull natured. He lacks the sense of humor and is averse to a family life. He is not easily influenced by the opinions of others and therefore faces difficulties in his relationships.

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