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There are several questions that keep rising up in your mind. They make you restless until you find their answers.

  • The questions may relate to your true identity or the purpose of your life.
  • You may like to know the real source of joy since you feel fed up with all that you have seen and experienced.
  • You may have problems in your love life, career and education.
  • You feel you are very unlucky, as you never succeed in what whatever you try to achieve.
  • You constantly keep wondering why nobody ever loves you.
  • You have developed an addiction to smoking and no amount of effort is helping you out of it. The list may be endless.

You are baffled because you have not been able to find satisfactory answers or solution to your questions and problems. You have a sense of not knowing anything about so many issues.

If you are in such a situation, you must seek the guidance of a clairvoyant psychic. There are several of them who offer free online clairvoyant readings to convince the new clients about their psychic powers.

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Just visit the online psychic chat rooms and you will find several high- profile, authentic clairvoyant psychics with exceptional psychic capabilities who have helped thousands of clients.

They are very patient and compassionate with their clients and work with complete devotion and sincerity. They provide lasting spiritual and metaphysical solutions in course of online chatting sessions.

If you are first timer and want to be assured about the clairvoyant abilities of a psychic, you do not have to pay anything for first reading, however you will still need a valid credit card to access this service when it becomes available.

Since you are obtaining free advice, you must limit the number of questions.  Frame them carefully so that you do not waste the time of the psychic by making him cross-question you for clarification.

 It would be a good idea to write down your questions to make them clear, concise and to-the-point. You too must listen to him patiently and carefully to avoid repeating your questions. Do not interrupt him while he is speaking.

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Phone Clairvoyant Readings Available

AUSTRALIA Credit Card*

$37.50 AUD for 15 minutes and $2.50 AUD/min
Service Provider: Access Positive.

AUSTRALIA Phone Charge*

$3.96 AUD/min (Public Phones and Mobiles extra)
NEW ZEALAND Credit Card*

$37.50 AUD for 15 minutes and $2.50 AUD/min
($3.25 NZD/min approx)
NEW ZEALAND Phone Charge*

$3.50 NZD/min (Public Phones and Mobiles extra)


$37.50 AUD for 15 minutes and $2.50 AUD/min
(Credit Card and PayPal Only)

$37.50 AUD for 15 minutes and $2.50 AUD/min
(Credit Card and PayPal Only)
All others countries*
(your international code)
$37.50 AUD for 15 minutes and $2.50 AUD/min

Service Provider: Access Positive
* Selected countries (NZ, UK and others) and Mobile Phones/ Public Phones extra charges apply..
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