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Spiritualist mediums are usually engaged to communicate with the cross over spirits of the recently deceased loved ones. Their death may have occurred suddenly and for some reason it becomes imperative that you wish you could get some time to talk with them over the important family and business matters. Or, you could be curious to know what they saw or felt during their last moments. Also, you may be curious enough to know their life after death experiences.. There may be numerous such questions and doubts that your spiritualist medium can resolve.

The word ‘spiritualist’ stands means that the psychic medium herself is a highly spiritual personality and also that she can communicate with the spirits of the dead persons and the spirit guides and masters. The successful contact with the cross over sprits conclusively proves the existence of life after the death, or, though the human body is turned to ashes, the spirit continues to live.

The spiritual medium goes into a sleep like state called trance, which is self induced or induced by another psychic. During the course of trance, the guiding spirit of the medium takes possession of the body and the consciousness of the spiritual medium and uses them to provide the necessary information. The medium may speak while lying on the bed or the sofa, or she may even walk and make gestures. The process of trance involves direct communication with the spirit or seeing auditory and visual images and interpreting them in intelligible human language. An interesting feature of the trance is that the medium is not aware of what had transpired during the trance when she returns to her normal consciousness.

The spiritualist medium, besides trance, may also read tarot cards or crystal balls and other tools and methods to provide solutions to the clients’ problems. Even while doing so, she remains in a state of subtle or mild trance, which is invisible to the client seeker. In such cases, the trance is not a state of loss of consciousness, but an attunement with the spiritual energy, which provides the vital clues in form of images or symbolic language that the psychic medium alone can interpret.

Exploring the world of psychics and mediums could lead you to terminologies such as séances. What is this term and why is it a vital component of the psychic world? This word refers to the kind of ritualistic activity with the aim of communicating with spiritual beings and entities. The medium is the presider of the ritual who is sensitive or gifted with ESP or extra sensory perception. A small group of people constitutes a typical rite to commune with the spirits and this usually takes place around a table.


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