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Clairvoyance Psychic Tarot

Clairvoyance is an extrasensory and divinatory ability to find out the truth. Clairvoyance and intuition are the two basic abilities that help the psychics to use their tools to foretell the future. These tools consist of tarot cards, crystal balls, astrological charts or horoscopes, aura reading, dream interpretation, and so on.

Tarot cards, as we now know them, are based on an Italian design of the sixteenth century. Therefore they are also referred to as the Venetian or Piedmont Tarot. A pack of tarot cards contains a total number of 78 cards. Of these, the major cards consisting of 22 cards are called Major Arcane and the minor 56 cards are called Minor Arcane. These cards have been used for divinatory purpose since the eighteenth century.

The tarot cards contain pictures or symbols that correspond to the twelve zodiac sings. The tarot reader, after ascertaining the date of birth of the seeker client reads the cards pertaining to the sign and answers their questions about various problems that they encounter.

It may be noted that the tarot cards made up of paper with pictures printed upon them are, by themselves, inanimate objects and as such do not indicate anything about the future or even the present of any person. Given in the hands of a layperson, they may not be anything more than playing cards. It is the clairvoyant psychic who has developed the art of interpreting them with the help of his intuition and clairvoyance that infuses them with meaning and importance. The clairvoyant psychic matches the tarot cards with the corresponding birth signs of the seekers and interprets their divinatory significance.

It is like a musician who infuses life into the inanimate strings of a musical instrument by manipulating them and creating the magical notes. No doubt the strings of the instruments and the pictures on the tarot cards have the inherent potential to explode into life, but both require the expert touches of master artists to be productive. A clairvoyant psychic tarot reader can alone predict the future events and answer all the day-to-day questions that the seekers encounter. 

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