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Doris Stokes is considered one of the most influential yet controversial figures in the world of psychic and paranormal realm. She was born Doris May Fisher Stokes in January 6th 1920. She is world-renowned psychic medium and British spiritualist. Although she has made amazing contributions to the parapsychological community, there are still sceptics who dealt with her abilities with shadows of doubts.

According to them, her performances are merely called cold reading. Nevertheless, there are innumerable events and instances which could attest to the authenticity of her psychic powers hence making her the best known psychic medium in the 20th century.

The legendary psychic shared of her giftedness in the paranormal stating that she was quite aware of this even as a young girl. According to her, she could plainly see her departed relatives as solid and real as if they were still living. There are still other documented events which have proven Doris’ ability to communicate with and see spiritual beings. She could also access future events or messages from beyond courtesy of those spirits she came in contact with.

Doris Stokes evidently popularised the practice of mediumship during her years of practising her craft. She even became an inspiration to other people who have the same psychic and intuitive aptitude to develop and harness their skills for the good of others.  She became a renowned author who tirelessly shared and collated all her thoughts, knowledge and experiences with a lot of people. She left her legacy to the world especially those who are interested in and fascinated with the world of paranormal and spiritualism.

The likes of Doris Stokes only show that mediumship and psychical readings are true and authentic. It takes only a genuine medium to guide and assist people make valuable and right decisions through acquiring psychic knowledge.