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Clairvoyance Mediumship - Psychic Development

The first step to develop the mediumship clairvoyance and psychic development is to personally experience the existence of spirits and the spirit world. This can be done by viewing a psychic medium going into trance and answering some of your very private questions.

The next step is to seek the tutelage of a psychic guru and repose full confidence in his guidance and act on her instructions in letter and spirit. The guru may suggest some apparently very simple exercises in mediation, concentration and positive thinking. There may be some other exercises too, which develop the empathy, telepathy and intuition and so on.  Perseverance and dedication can bear rich fruits in sort span of time.

Clairvoyance mediumship is one of the most interesting and fascinating variants of the psychic world.

Mediumship is a branch in the parapsychological realm concerning the practice of communicating with the spirits and immaterial entities. Clairvoyance is a variant of mediumship where the medium could clearly see the spirits contacted. This vision could actually occur or gained from external physical sources and is directly obtained by the medium. Or it could be seen through the medium’s sixth sense, third eye or inner eye.

Outside the realm of parapsychology, clairvoyance is known and referred to as something else. There are clairvoyants who could clearly see not only the spirits of the departed, demons, angels and other immaterial beings. Some clairvoyants also have the gift for sensing anomalous cognition. Mediums who have the refined intuitive aptitude and who could communicate with spiritual beings could also make predictions. There are claims that clairvoyance is also the perception of future events. Others could see phenomena which have happened in the past. Seeing the past is known as retrocognition while foreseeing the future is known as precognition.  

There are other variants of psychic reading which is also related to clairvoyance mediumship. It could also be associated to remote viewing. Nevertheless, there are only major primary channels which parapsychologists accept and link to the practice of this type of mediumship. Clairvoyance also known as clear sight or seeing is under the clairsensing primary channel. Clairaudience or clear hearing is another variant under clairsensing. There are clairvoyants who may have one or both of the abilities.  Clairvoyance is also considered mental mediumship because the vision is from an inner sight or third eye. Images are also often seen in the mind of the medium. The other type of mediumship or channelling is physical mediumship. In this variant certain physical objects, personages and events could happen in a physical level. Levitation, table turning, telekinetic activities and the fluctuation of energy sources are prevalent occurrences during the process.

Trance is also a form of communication with spiritual beings.

This practice however is not a two way process because it is mainly receiving from outside entities. Sources of messages from a trance could be from discarnate or incarnate beings. There are two different types of trance known as deep trance and light trance. The deep version is oftentimes the most dangerous and obliterating one. That’s because the spirits being contacted could actually take over the medium. Light trance is much safer yet extremely rare. It offers an even or much higher notch of consciousness for the medium.

Healing is another type of channelling where the medium could see the sources of a client’s ailment.

There are two kind of healing known as contact healing and absent healing. There are documented events in the past where mediums could detect and see what parts of the body are suffering from a health condition. Diagnosis is done with the power of the clairvoyant to see beyond the normal senses. Clairvoyance mediumship is indeed a helpful tool based in supernatural phenomena.

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