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Angels & Psychics: How They Cross the Line?

Psychic has been around for centuries introducing people to the world of paranormal and supernatural phenomena. Psychics are people with special abilities. They learned to harness and hone their intuitive aptitude to develop ESP or extra sensory perception. There are various forms of psychic abilities such as divination or predicting and foretelling the future. Some psychics could clearly see or sense spirits or immaterial entities such as spirits of the departed, demons and angels. These psychics are called mediums. Mediumship has also different variants including clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience.

Psychic medium readings are quite popular from one generation to the next. It is a practice which has been around for years. However, it is also one of the branches of psychic or the paranormal which received numerous suspicions, cynicism and doubts. This is often from scientific communities who are sceptical about the reality and actuality of communicating with the spirits. Nevertheless, parapsychologists through the years also recorded some events and phenomena which could attest to the truth and reality of psychic happenings. Communicating with the spirits and other immaterial beings truly took place. There are several manifestations such as telekinetic activities, levitation and fluctuation of energy sources.

Angels are among the immaterial beings which are contacted by authentic mediums. It is true that the most common forms of mediumship focus much on the communication with the spirits of the dead. However, there are psychic mediums which have the ability and ESP to keep in touch and receive messages from spiritual beings or guides. These spiritual beings are considered immaterial because it is believed that they have not incarnated in human forms. They are not like everyone else because they are not flesh and blood. It is common knowledge that these good spiritual beings could guide and assist humans especially in their time of needs. However, it is also emphasized that they could not do anything without the permission of the person because everyone is born with the freedom to choose or free will.

In the world of the paranormal especially mediumship, it is believed that spirit guides could manifest themselves and assist if permitted. They come from a much higher consciousness or vibrational dimension. There are a lot of spirit guides aside from the angelic hosts. There are spirit guides such as deceased relatives, family members or friends. Others believe that spirit guides could also be master teachers, saints or somebody you have probably known in another lifetime. The only truth is that there is indeed a much higher realm beyond what you see in your physical boundaries.

The earth is basically a place brimming with divine energies. Psychic mediums have the ability to really concentrate and focus on these energies in order to communicate with them. And that is how mediums could connect with such immaterial beings in their subtle vibrations. Angels are guides and help give direction and assistance to people. They are spirit guides and they could only offer their help if given permission through the help of authentic psychics.