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Angels and Spirit Guides

A guardian angel is said to be as a type of spirit guide. Spirit guides refer to those entities which are in soul or spirit form. They may be in physical form such as humans but this is happens rarely. Guardian angels, on the other hand, are express messages from God. They are sent by the One to guide and protect us in everything we do. These angels are pure in love. They bring us things that will only help us and protect us. They provide encouragement when we need it. Angels provide us the inspiration to help us in training our abilities for the better.

Guardian angels are said to have existed since our conception. They are in soul form. They have been accompanying us through our birth. With every thought that comes in our minds, they tend to influence us in every way or another. The events we experience in our lives are guided by our angels. Some say that they never leave us and we are their only dealing. As we live this temporary life, they will be with us. Together with them, we will be with God in soul form in heaven.

Every person may have at least two guardian angels. Their number may be even more than two. We tend to talk with them without even knowing their names. With this, we should all learn to practice talking and communicating with them often. With them having patience to be with us at all times, we should at least give them the priority by communicating with them.
A person may utilize the help of spirit guides in communicating with angels. Since angels are in the form of spirits, these guides may highly act as our channel with our guardian angels. A spirit guide practices sensing and listening to the spirits around them. They envision the image of one’s guardian angel if we want to. They may also unconsciously interpret our lucid dreams. With their help, we can greatly grasp the sense of life even more clearly. The sounds that are not heard may be eventually heard. Lastly, the names of our guardian angels may be known to us.

Saint Augustine has told us to make friends with our angels. They are our true friends that we can have in our entire life. We should treat then as our dearest friends; more than what we can experience from our physical friends. They are our spiritual friends. We must build our relationship with them. And that would be spirit guide roles in our life. Taking a step towards them will be considered as a great leap towards your faith in God.

Welcoming our angels in our lives is important. They are our channel to God. They are the spirits who guide us in every road we take. Our decisions can be moved by theirs to make our life become better than what we have now. Thus, knowing them more is something that we need to do. Angel blessings are what we obtain and need to be cherished at all times.