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Clairalience - Using the Sixth Sense

Clairalience means smelling clearly.

It is like ‘smelling a rat’, or, ‘smelling’ like a dog that can sniff out the trail leading to the capture of thieves. Clairalience is not limited just to smelling negative or ominous occurrences like the ants do in case of imminent rainfall.
Clairalient psychics can smell the fragrance of the lush green grass in the distant meadows or the spring flowers blooming in the valleys situated across the continents.  At the same time, they can also smell the gunpowder used in a murder and the tang of blood that gushed forth when a victim was assaulted with a knife.

Clairalience is one of the many branches in parapsychology which refers to an extra sensory perception or psychic ability.

This variant is one of many forms in mediumship or communication with spiritual beings. The term is also coined as clairescence which means clear smell. The word is derived from the French terms clair and alience meaning clear and to smell respectively. This practice is one of the many forms of acquiring or accessing information regarding a person, event or object through psychical means specifically the sense of smell.

This practice is actually much less known compared to the more commonly used and popular term clairvoyance. Clairvoyance for instance is also obtaining important information yet through the sense of sight. Clairaudience is another psychical method of gaining details and information about people or events through the sense of hearing. Clairgustance is also a field in the parapsychological realm dealing with extra sensory perception. Psychic knowledge is accessed through the sense of taste in this method. Mediums could taste a particular substance without literally putting things in their mouth. The essence of something which they get to taste is obtained through ethereal or spiritual means.

Mediums who have clairalience abilities could often smell the scent or perfume of the client’s departed family member or loved one, friend or any significant persons. There are two known ways how this type of method works. First is physical and the other is emotional. Mediums that experience physical psychic hits could smell the scent of the deceased or any pungent odor. Emotional means of clairescence is actually acknowledging the feeling that something smells during the process.
Clairalience is a truly special type of mediumship which could offer dead-on accurate results. Nevertheless, it is important to note that these results serve as directions and guide especially in giving closure or making sound decisions.