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Made up of two words, clair and audience, clairaudience means hearing clearly.

This is not the kind of hearing that we experience through our ears. Psychics can hear the sounds or voices with their mental ears.  For example, a client reports that he/she hears certain voices or sounds in their room.

Now, it is not within patient’s ability to mimic different types of voices or sounds so as to explain them to the psychics. The ability of clairaudience enables the psychics to exactly hear the same voices that the patient hears. By the same logic, clairvoyant psychics can hear the voices of the dead people when they go into trance and communicate with them.

There are several variants of mediumship or a form of psychic ability which is characterized by the ability to communicate with spiritual beings and entities. Mediumship is divided into many branches and subcategories such as clairvoyance. There are other forms which are much less known but are equally significant as their popular counterparts.

Clairaudience is a term used in parapsychology but not quite a common terminology.

What is this type of mediumship and how does it work? In parapsychology, the term is a combination of the French words clair and audience. The word literally means clear hearing. This type of extra sensory perception or ESP is used to obtain information and insights regarding persons, events and objects. The acquisition of such information and salient data is done through the use of paranormal auditory means. In this case, mediums could clearly hear sounds or voices from spiritual beings or immaterial entities. It is another form which is quite distinct to other paranormal abilities such as clairvoyance or the ability to see and clairsentience or the ability to feel or touch.

People having clairaudient abilities are believed to have psi-mediated hearing. Hearing sounds or voices does not necessarily mean they get it from external sources. In most cases, this is done through the use of the inner mental ear. Researches and experimentations in parapsychology documented that mediums with clairsentience abilities could actually hear the thoughts or voices of spirits of the departed. This mediumship variant is also not limited to communicating with spiritual beings and entities. It is believed that higher level of Buddhist meditation allows a person to activate his third ear.

Perceiving the future and retracing the past through the use of clairaudience ability is indeed a reality and fact. However it must be used as guide and direction and not manipulate the entire life of the person.

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