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Clairsentience - Feeling the Paranormal

Clairsentience means feeling/sensing clearly.

It is like sensing the imminence of a situation such as a tragedy, disease, death, earthquake, tsunami, accident, a fall, fire, flood and much more. The possibilities are endless.

A clairsentient psychic can sense how much pain, for example, did a person feel at the time of his death? What exactly do the ‘pangs’ of separation/poverty convey? How does a person feel when a hard and long thorn pierces through their back?

Clairsentient psychics can sense the shadows of the coming events and thus predict their nature.  In other words, they can catch the vibrations of the impending events.

A successful functioning of the ability of clairsentience is critical for the accurate estimation of a situation. The power of clairsentience is, therefore, a corner stone of the psychic powers.

Clairsentience is one of the many variants in the world of the paranormal.

This is an equally important practice and phenomenon yet it is less popular than its clairvoyance counterpart. The term means clear feeling or touching. It is also derived from French terms clair and sentire meaning clear and to feel respectively. This practice is a kind of impressional mediumship known in the parapsychology realm. It is a type of ESP or extra sensory perception.

Psychics with this type of special ability have the power to read people including their physical state. There are different other aspects which could be ready by the use of this type of mediumship aside from physical makeup. It could also tell about personal traits, character, health condition and spiritual entity lurking around someone.

Clairsentience ability allows a psychic to feel or sense something during the psychic reading. Some claims there is a tingling sensation they feel on the hands, skin or face. The expression their hair stands on the back of their neck is actually derived from this psychical experience. Mediums with this ability could sense if the spirit is bad or good, angry or gentle, heavy or light. Hence, they could give specific readings such as emotions like sadness or joy. Having this type of medium ability is not only beneficial for psychics. In fact, it is also developed and practiced by others who are not into the paranormal phenomena. Spiritual advisors as well as healers and therapists and counsellors also need this type of ability.

Psychic readings through the help of people with clairsentience aptitude could bring a lot of benefits to those who seek them. It not only provides salient and accurate information about the past, present or future. Psychic readings could also serve as guide to make proper and informed decisions in life.