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Clairvoyance & Unknown Facts

There are colourful and interesting facts and clairvoyance definition. In fact, throughout history, this realm in the world of the paranormal has been dealt with a lot of things. Many communities especially the scientific communities do not encourage and are sceptical about the existence and reality of clairvoyance. Nevertheless there are anecdotal reports and results of researches in the parapsychology studies attesting to the truth of clearly seeing the supernatural world. Various cultures and traditions share important historical accounts of people having the clairvoyant ability and potentials.

In most cultures, clairvoyance or clearly seeing images and pictures through the use of ESP or extra sensory perception is closely associated to shamanic figures or religious rites and practices. Hinduism for instance gives importance to clairvoyance or clearly seeing through the use of meditation and self-discipline. There are anecdotal accounts of people who claim that they have seen images of their loved ones who have recently died even before knowing they have already passed away. It is indeed true that there are not enough proofs of scientific background supporting the truth about clairvoyance. However, instances such as commonality of experiences of people serve as motivational factors to continue the interest on this phenomenon.

Clairvoyance definition deals with exploring the abilities of people with this special talent or skill. In the late 19th century up to the early era of the 20th century, clairvoyance has gained popularity and interest. However, the term has been coined from two French words clair and voyance which was dated as early as the 17th century. Hence, this ancient practice has been around for centuries now. Although it has dealt with innumerable scepticism in the past up to the present, this realm still continues to gain grounds and popularity. Moreover, it has become a more interesting field in parapsychological research as it is being linked to other phenomena including telepathy and remote viewing.

In the study of clairvoyance in connection to remote viewing, there are research studies which experiment on people claiming to have this special ability. For instance, they were located in a secured and enclosed venue sealed with double walled and copper screened features. The subjects were able to provide salient information about things and events they are not aware of or have not yet occurred in the present. Remote viewing is associated to clairvoyance since it also provides images and pictures even with a given proximity or distance. The popularity and reality of clairvoyant readings and vision became even more prominent in the modern world. It has even reached mainstream media such as television and the widescreen. Movies and TV series which have psychic themes are not entirely for entertainment purposes and fictional. In fact, most of these accounts are based on true events.

There are important points to remember when seriously considering clairvoyant reading. Based on historical accounts and comprehensive clairvoyance definition, this type of psychic reading is truly helpful and true. The most important thing to remember is that whatever results clairvoyant readings provide, the final say is still in your hands.