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Clairvoyance & What to Expect in Readings

Clairvoyance definition means different things to different people. This original French term has debuted in the paranormal scene as early as the 17th century. Since then, it became widespread and reached the western world from its European origin. Clairvoyance literally means seeing with clarity or clear vision. People with special abilities are called clairvoyants. They are also psychics or mediums as the practice is a variant of the much vague and general term psychic. People with clairvoyant abilities use their refined intuitive aptitude. They could gain information through vision and through the use of extra sensory perception or more commonly known as ESP.

The visual information clairvoyants get is not from normal human sight. Psychic clairvoyants basically open and use their third eye. Within parapsychology, third eye also comes in other terminologies such as sixth sense and inner sight. The third eye chakra is believed to be developed and utilized through opening the eyes found in the center of the person’s forehead. Clairvoyant abilities when in use are activated through tapping a certain part of the brain. This part is what you also use and activate when you are dreaming or using your imaginative faculties to visualize things and scenarios. Clairvoyants learn how to refine and use this part of the brain in facilitating clairvoyant reading.

There are various ways on how clairvoyant reading works. In fact, seasoned and expert clairvoyants have already made their own dictionary of symbols which constantly come across their vision. When you are tapping the intuitive clairvoyant aptitude, it is quite challenging. That’s because the human mind is basically filled with chaotic thoughts and images. The key to concentrate and focus on certain phenomenon or images is through relaxing the logical mind. It is vital to let the imagination flow and activate. This way, visual information such as numbers, images and pictures, symbols and other visual forms are potentially accessed. Knowledge of clairvoyance definition is truly important as well as knowing the processes how it works.

One of the many concerns of people about clairvoyant reading is its authenticity. Just like any other industries in the world then and now, the paranormal realm is filled with genuine and fraudulent clairvoyants. Hence, the key to maximizing good results from a clairvoyant reading is through finding authentic and real mediums. Genuine readings aim to help and assist clients especially in making sound and viable decisions in life. Psychic readings through the help of clairvoyants must not control and manipulate a person and how he lives his life. After all psychic readings only serve as guide and direction. The person or client is still the one in charge of the wheel.

With the diverse and colourful clairvoyance definition today, the important thing is that this supernatural phenomenon is not just a figment of one’s imagination. It is undoubtedly true with tons of parapsychological events documented as proofs. Clairvoyant experiences are not only fascinating and thought provoking. These are also helpful tools in making your life better through informed and wise decisions.