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Clairvoyance: Clearly Seeing the Unseen

What is clairvoyance? This is one of the most common and salient queries people asked about this variant in the vague and mysterious world of the paranormal. The word clairvoyance is the merger of two French words. Clair is a French term meaning clear while voyance is a French word which means to see. Thus explains the ability of people with such special gifts to clearly see spiritual beings and entities.

Clairvoyants are people who have refined intuitive potentials and aptitude. They could communicate with the unseen through their third eye or sixth sense. They use extra sensory perception or ESP to acquire needed psychic knowledge especially in performing psychic reading. Nevertheless, they are not only limited to seeing the spirit guides, angels or demons. Mediums with special clairvoyant abilities could also retrace occurrences in the past which is referred to as retrocognition. They could see events and happenings in the future which is also known as precognition.

What is clairvoyance? This is a significant question which needs immediate and accurate answer especially if you are seeking guidance and help through paranormal means. Why do people seek the help of clairvoyants? Are these medium psychics for real?

Everyone is born with innate intuitive ability. Psychic mediums only opted to hone and harness their intuitive aptitude until it reaches a much higher scale. Others ignore their abilities until they eventually fade away. Hence, if you want to know whether psychic abilities are true or not, the answer is a whopping yes, psychics are true. However, the challenge is in finding authentic and genuine psychics today.

What is clairvoyance? Maybe a much better query is how it could help you improve your life. Clairvoyant readings are there to guide and direct people make sound and good decisions. Nevertheless, you still control what happens in your life through the decisions you make.