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Clairvoyance Definition

The word ‘clairvoyants’ means clear seers. Most people use the word ‘clairvoyants’ for psychics.

It is true that psychics have third eye, intuition or the mental eye and can see hidden aspects of the events, situations or problems even more clearly than most of us see the common objects or people with our physical eyes.

One reason why people see or call psychics as clairvoyants is probably that they want them to see their future and give them answers to their problems, desires, aims or goals.

Quite often we find ourselves trapped in strange and inexplicable situations and problems. We do not know how to get out of them.

A very common problem these days, for example, is weight gain. People try all kinds of methods such as strenuous workouts, fad diets, recipes, pills, food supplements, appetite suppressants, surgery, fasts, yoga and much more to lose weight. Either they do not succeed in losing the flabby flesh on their body, or even if they do manage to lose a few pounds, they again gain them after a few days.  The vicious and painful cycle of weight gain and loss never appears to end.

A common refrain with obese people these days is: Oh, I have tried everything to lose weight, but have not succeeded.  And then there is the nightmare of the obesity related diseases like diabetes, heart problems, liver, kidney damage, and what not. People who find themselves in this type of condition feel extremely puzzled and cannot come to terms with what is happening to them.

Most of us encounter such bewildering predicaments in many other spheres of life such as business, relationships, litigation, tours and travels, careers, education, relocation and finance etc. where all possible permutations and combinations to resolve them fail to work.

We feel utterly lost and shattered. We wish someone could see through the real cause of our problem, analyse it clearly, throw light upon it or suggest a sure way out. It is probably then that we think of a person with an inner vision and call him/her a clairvoyant rather than a psychic.