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Clairvoyance: Opening the Inner Sight

Clairvoyance is a very common terminology known in the paranormal realm. The word has a French root which is the blend of the words “Clair” and “Voyance.” The combination is literally meant clearly seeing. This practice uses ESP or extra sensory perception. It is the acquisition of psychic knowledge through external happenings or things unravelling around you. The practice is also a variant of mental mediumship which means that the medium could also see images or pictures in his mind. This is also how spirits or immaterial beings reveal and convey their messages to clairvoyants.

Clairvoyants are the people who have special abilities specifically in clearly seeing what is yet to happen. Having the clairvoyant aptitude is also opening the third eye, sixth sense or inner sight. It takes a lot of focus and meditation to do this. This is exactly why clairvoyance is closely associated to religious practices such as that of Buddhism and Hinduism. Such religious practices require intense concentration and contemplation to experience profound spiritual renewal. Mediums with clairvoyant abilities also need the same. They must relax their mind and get rid of all logical thinking and reasoning before they could clearly see psychic visions and images.

The ability to clearly envision or see psychical experiences is an exclusive term used in clairvoyance. If hearing or auditory means are already involved, this takes an entirely different twist. This is already called clairaudience which is another variation of the psychic mediumship realm. Clairaudience is an ability to use ESP and instead of clear vision, the medium could clearly hear voices or sounds as messages of the spirits being contacted. Another variation of mediumship is clairsentience which is clear touching or feeling. Mediums use their sense of touch in obtaining psychic knowledge and predictions.

Trance is connected to the practice and training of clairvoyant abilities and aptitude. Trance is the state of awareness or consciousness which is linked to spiritualism. Its main focus and objective is knowing and discerning the spirits of the departed and relaying their messages to the living. Although these phenomena have been documented in the parapsychological field, it has been dealt with suspicion and controversies especially among scientific communities. Nevertheless, researches continue and even experimentation of government agencies make use or are based on clairvoyant reading or remote viewing. In the case of remote viewing, psychic readers are tested through letting them describe a particular scenario or event at a distance.

Clairvoyants are people who have refined and trained their spiritual and intuitive abilities to a much higher level. They have opened their third eye chakra and sensitivity to know and see what are not tangible to the naked eye. Nevertheless, despite of their psychical and paranormal abilities, they only serve as advisors, guides and helpers. The predictions and messages they give are merely tools and directions.

Authentic clairvoyance aims to help and improve the lives of their clients - no more, no less. They do not manipulate and control their decisions. Consequently, you are still in charge of your life.