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Clairvoyance: What It Is, What It Is Not

Different people have varying understanding and knowledge about the diverse world of psychics. However, there are common and fundamental information and details regarding this interesting and mind boggling realm. Clairvoyance definition for instance is rooted from the French words clair and voyance. The combination of these words creates the terminology which literally means clear seeing. This term refers to the ability of persons known as clairvoyants to clearly see or have a mental vision of spiritual beings. Clairvoyance is a variant of mental mediumship, the practice of communicating with immaterial and spiritual entities.

A lot of mediums claim that they could communicate and contact spirits of the dead. There are also documented events in parapsychology regarding encounter of mediums with angels and demons. These spiritual beings are also called spirit guides. There are several ways of contacting and communicating with them. Clairvoyance is one of the many methods used by psychics or mediums. There are instances when clairvoyants could see external sources or the images would flash into their minds. People with special clairvoyant abilities have opened their third eye allowing them to see their visions. The term third eye is also known as inner sight or sixth sense.

There are several types of clairvoyant abilities. To clearly understand clairvoyance definition, it helps to know the other variants of this special intuitive and paranormal aptitude. Some clairvoyants claim that they have flashes of images or visions while they were awake. Others could see the visions and insights when they come to their dreams or in a state of unconsciousness. There are also instances when the vision is seen during a very relaxed state of mind. Regardless of how the clairvoyant obtained information or readings about their client and the spirit they are contacting, the truth remains that paranormal events did happen. This has been documented and recorded in various parapsychological studies and researches.

Clairvoyants not only see the future before they unfold in the present. There are clairvoyant readings which could put light to whatever events occurred in the past. Seeing the future is also called premonition or precognition while going back to events of the past is referred to as retrocognition. Other than seeing events and phenomena based on the timeframe, there are other abilities which clairvoyants possess. One of the most common and interesting is aura reading. Psychics could actually read the energy field or aura surrounding a person. It is said that there are radiant energy fields or colours surrounding every person. Clairvoyants have the ability to see the aura which is intangible to the naked eye.

A lot of people are hesitant to try clairvoyant reading and other forms of psychic readings. Although this realm has grappled with cynicism and doubts through the years, it has remained a well-known field in the present. That’s because psychic abilities and phenomena are indeed true and real. The secret is finding authentic psychics and mediums today. Most importantly, remember that the readings are only meant to be guides and directions.