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Email Numerology Readings


Pythagoras, the ‘Father of Numerology’ will have us believe that the world is made of numbers and he is accurately on the mark when he says this.

People are now realizing that they are not individual entities but part of a larger cosmic whole that is governed and run on equations. And as with the cosmic universe, so with the people – it is the numbers that control our circumstances and destiny and also define our personalities and characteristics.

Our psychics are people who with their metaphysical powers and spiritual insights can unravel the secrets stored in the numbers associated with our birth and names.

We understand that it is not possible for everyone to visit our psychics personally. For the convenience of the people who are time challenged, or reside in another city or country, we offer email astrology readings. Simply email us your name, date, time of birth and our psychics will provide you detailed email numerology readings that could empower you to take greater control over yourself, your life and circumstances, and your destiny.

Psychic Numerology Cost:

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