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How Psychic Mediums Communicate with the Spirits

A person needs a third eye in order to see things that are beyond the visibility of human eyes. And, spirits of the dead are beyond our normal eyes. Only those who have third eyes will be able to see the spirits. Only those who have the sixth sense will be able to feel the spirits roaming around us. These are what psychic mediums have. They have both third eye and sixth sense to see and feel the spirits of the dead who wants to communicate through them. These two is what makes the psychics special. But, how do mediums communicate with the spirits?

All mediums start communicating by opening their third eye first or by activating their sixth sense. A deep concentration is needed. They need to focus on something to be able to open their extra senses. This process of concentrating is known as meditation. Like in yoga, for mediums to be able to meditate and open their third eye and sixth sense, they also need to relax their body and calm their minds. They often do it by closing their eyes and directing their mind to something else. However, with the presence of external distractions such as noise and other disturbances, it will be hard for the medium to meditate. Thus, as much as possible, complete silence is needed.

The mediums must also be in their proper posture to be able to relax their body and concentrate easily. There is no specific position needed. Each medium must find a comfortable position for him or her so that her mind and body can be at peace easily. Some mediums prefer sit comfortable, others kneeling, others in an Indian sit, and some would prefer to lie down. It all varies according to the psychic involved.

After opening the third eye and the sixth sense, the mediums can already feel the presence or see the spirit that is around them. However, not all spirits are willing to talk to them. The medium then approaches the spirit and delivers the first question loudly. A confirmation or answer from the spirit indicates that the spirit is willing to communicate to the medium. The conversation will then continue until everything is clear between the two parties. However, this is not always the case. There are some mediums who allow the spirits to use their body for direct conversation between the families of the spirit and the spirit himself. This can happen for as long as the medium has the ability.

A communication with a spirit may exhaust the medium although not physically. The medium may be exhausted mentally especially if he or she is not a veteran on this kind of psychic ability. Thus, one must understand that being a medium needs a lot of courage and strength. They need courage to face the spirits, both calm spirits and not calm ones, and strength to talk to the spirits or even to allow them to use their body. A medium may suffer from mental exhaustion if he or she is not mentally prepared for this.