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Nostradamus: The Greatest Psychic of All Time?

Generations from the past until the present know the legendary and timeless reputation of psychic Nostradamus. He was born Michel de Nostredame on December 1503 of French descendants. He became a worldwide phenomenon himself because of his fearless predictions and dead on accurate prophecies which have taken place and are continuously revealing in the present. His book The Prophecies made him immortal which have proven and credited his predictions as true and unfolding in major worldwide events.

This well-renowned and famous figure in the world of the paranormal is a diviner but many also hailed him as a healer. Nevertheless, based on his many published works, the man has given innumerable predictions which have been proven true and authentic. However, none or a very minimal account was attributed to his healing aptitude.

Nostradamus actually claimed that his predictions as accounted in his books are based on judicial astrology. These are his observations and assessment or judgment based on the astrological findings that he collated through the years. Just like any other known figures in the world of the supernatural, he has also grappled with controversies and doubts because of the counter statements of his critics.

The popularity of this man has spread far and wide and beyond timeframe and eras. In fact, the prophecies which he has given were retold and made major basis of real life events and phenomena in the 20th and 21st century. Moreover, there are countless depiction of his person and life in many books, films and videos.

Nostradamus is undeniably a seer and prophet with his books containing practically thousands of prophecies. He has made valuable predictions which have unravelled in the present and the recent years such as the 9/11 collapse of the World Trade Center. He is the perfect example showing the authenticity of psychic abilities and readings.