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Psychic Mediums: How to Become One

Being able to talk to the spirit of the dead is something uncommon. Some will call it as a gift; some will see it as a skill, others as a talent. But one thing is for sure: not all of us can talk or see spirits. Not all of us can feel the spirits that are roaming around us and read their minds. Only few are chosen to have this kind of ability. And, you might be one of them. Only that you are not still aware of it. You may have this ability but it is not developed yet. It is then best for you to assess yourself if you can be a medium.

First thing that you have to do is to know if you have psychic medium abilities. Mediums can either have clairvoyance or the ability to see spirits, clairsentience or the ability to feel the spirits, clairaudience or the ability to hear the spirits, and claircognizance or the ability to know the spirits. You may have one of these abilities. To determine if you have one of these abilities, you have to remember if you had an encounter with a spirit. Was there an instance that you saw a spirit or heard some unusual noise? If you are not sure if you had encountered such experience, you might as well take a Psychic Development Test. Local spiritualist can help you with this test. If you know some psychics in your place, you can ask him or her how this test is being administered. From then, you will be able to know if you have these abilities that mediums have.

After knowing your abilities, you must know how to clear the energy that is surrounding you. To be able to see, feel, hear, or know the spirit, you must have a clear energy. Start training yourself by trying to focus on something until your mind is being cleared with all unnecessary things. You must be able to isolate one thing from the other on your mind. A good way to practice as well is to try solving a problem with your mind only. Imagine yourself solving a very difficult math problem. You are not allowed to take a pencil and solve on a piece of paper. Thus, you have to mentally solve it. To be able to know the answer, you have to focus on it, and solve it on your mind. You have to clear your mind to get the final and correct answer. If you were able to do it, then it would be easier for you to clear the energy surrounding you. Remember, mediums will be able to communicate only with the spirits if they are being surrounded by clear energy.

If you were able to clear your energy, then you can already see or feel the spirit. It is then time for you to state your message. It may help you if you will loudly say your question. If the spirit has answered your first question, then you can proceed with other questions such as his name and other details. Once you received an answer from him or her, state it loudly again for confirmation. Most spirits respond more to “Yes or No” questions, according to most mediums. Continue the conversation until everything is clear for you and the spirit.

This process does not develop in one night only. It takes a lot of time, training and dedication to be a certified medium. Mediums have gone through a tough self training and preparation to be a good one. Thus, if you have the skill, you have to continue developing it.