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The Fascinating World of Tarot

Tarot is basically one of the most popular and commonly used terms you could hear in the world of psychics. This deck of cards is however not originally used for esoteric, occult or divinatory purposes as it is known today. In fact, these are play cards which are created for card games or trick-taking games. It is only later that it has become a prominent and well-known tool to make psychic predictions and divination. Those who are fascinated with and believe in the authenticity of psychic powers and abilities also highly prefer the use of these card decks.

The word was first coined and used in the middle period of the 15th century. It is of European origin and was also known by other terminologies including tarock and tarocchi. The ancient European card games known as French tarot or Italian tarocchini are the original games where these cards are utilized. However, during the 18th century up to the present, the cards have evolved from game cards into tools for occultists and mystics. In other parapsychological researchers, these cards also serve as the map or tools which could clear spiritual and mental pathways.

Is it really true how these cards could help predict the future? How is it possible that a set of cards could show you what is going to happen and what events have happened in the past? The cards are not used in mysticism, occultism and divination not until the 18th to 19th century. It was in 1781 when these cards were first utilized by Antoine Court de Gebelin. According to him, the cards have certain symbolism representing the mysteries of Egyptian gods Isis and Thoth.

The historical accounts and present belief of people in tarot cards prove the diversity and rich background of this tool in the psychic world. Results for readings are guides and the final decision still rests upon you.