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Understanding Psychic Mediums

Have you watched the movie “Ghost” starring Demi Moore? If yes, then you have seen how her dead boyfriend tried to communicate with her by using the old woman’s body. This is what we called the psychic medium. Psychic mediums are those who have the ability to communicate with someone who is dead already. They have the capability to talk with them and send them messages from their loved ones on earth. In return, the spirit will send a message to his family on earth through the medium. Thus, a communication was formed between the two parties.

The existence of psychic medium is a proof that there is indeed a life after death. How they were able to convey messages to the dead is unexplainable. Thus, being a medium is indeed a gift. And, not all psychics are mediums, but, all mediums are psychics. It is possible that there is the denial stage on the part of the psychic mediums during their early stages of discovering their gift. They may have experienced fear while trying to develop and understand their talent. Thus, it really takes a lot of courage to be a medium. An ordinary human being may faint when a ghost will appear in front of him. But, psychic mediums must have the courage to face and talk to the ghost because they feel like it is their obligation to convey a message to the ghost’s family.

Mediumship does not focus on one aspect only. There are two types of mediumship: the physical and the mental mediums. With physical mediums, a person who is sitting beside or who is close with the medium can hear audible sounds from the spirit and can even see what is going on. Thus, this is commonly administered in a close session where only the concerned person and the medium are present. On the other hand, with mental mediumship, only the medium will be able to hear, see, or feel the spirit on his or her mind. This is what is commonly used. When the medium has the ability to hear the spirit, we call that clairaudience. The ability to see the spirit is known as clairvoyance, and clairsentience is the ability to sense and read what is inside the mind of the spirit. It is possible for a medium to have these three kinds of ability.

Mediums can also allow the spirit to overshadow them or to use their body and speak directly to their relatives and friends, or any other concerned person. So, instead of passing the message to the medium, the spirit can conquer the medium’s body and use it to communicate directly. This is known as the trance mediumship and it is commonly shown also to the public. However, a medium that have this kind of ability must possess a different of strength. Allowing the spirit to use your body may drain your physical strength. Physical and mental strength are both needed in this kind of mediumship. Mental strength matters the most, because without enough mental strength, the medium may faint and barely recover after the spirit will overshadow her.